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"Jenflor" Gardening is a family run company, which was established back in 1972. Over the years we specialized in growing pot flowers. We are also licensed growern of of varieties of heather cuttings Gardengirls®


Year by year we constantly develop our experience, knowledge and expertise in the field so that we are confident to meet our customers needs. "Jenflor" Gardening strives to provide uncompromised quality and satisfaction for any customer. That is why we never give up on improving our skills and keep sharing our knowledge with overseas producers.

Thanks to the hard learned knowledge and latest technology utilised in the production process as well as each of our employees having passion and dedication for growing flowers, we are capable of offering high quality products in competitive prices. Because we use innovative technological and logistical solutions, we can shorten the shipping period. Our flowers are grown up only from finest selected seedlings, brought from the top providers.

Currently we do cultivate our flowers in modern dutch greenhouses and interlocked polytunnels on surface of 30 000 m2 in total. There is also exta 5 ha dedicated to contenerized cultivation on top of that.

A wide variety of our products makes it possible for our customers to source their supplies throughout the year on our side. We do constantly expand choice and variety of our products to be in pace with current market trends.

♦♦♦ "Jenflor" Gardening mission ♦♦♦
"Providing products of highest quality available, striving to privide top service to the customers, caring for our work environment to allow for constant qualifications improvement, as well as mutual respect, trust, safety and at last caring for our environment."

"Jenflor" Gardening assortment

Our assortment is mostly seasonal. That is where do we major.

We offer a wide range of FLOWERBED and BALCONY FLOWERS.

Depending on the season, we do also provide:

  • Ciclamino
  • Primroses
  • Pansies
  • Heathers
  • Chrysanthemum thapsus
  • Chrysanthemum grandiflora
  • Poinsettias
  • and also other...




Offer Horticulture Jenflor was divided into 4 sections depending on the season.

Please feel encouraged to learn more about Our growings.

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